All about HeForShe

Post date: Oct 31, 2015 2:13:49 AM

By Chelsey Zhu

A ton of new clubs have sprung up here at Central this year, and it’s hard to decide which ones are right for you. Look down below to see if you’d be interested in the HeForShe club!

Club Overview: HeForShe is part of a global association started by UN Women, a division of the United Nations dedicated to gender equality. On the whole, the club has a strong emphasis on educating people on the gender equality movement and promoting active change to eliminate sexism in their communities. The club meets on C Rotation in Room 226. Inspiration: Aalia Hanif, the founder of the HeForShe division at Central, first came up with the idea of starting a gender equality club last year. “I noticed a lot of people, especially in my grade, putting girls down and making fun of them,” she said. “Then I heard about meninism from Twitter, and I saw how meninists were joking about feminism, rape, domestic abuse, and people from the LGBT community. I thought it was important for someone to address how disgusting and insulting that trend was.”

Goal: During meetings, HeForShe seeks to educate students on feminism, specifically intersectional feminism, which brings awareness to the fact that all oppression (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.) is connected and must be dealt with together. The club will also debunk negative myths surrounding feminism, such as the stigma that feminism is meant to bring men down. Lastly, club members will learn how to identify sexism and know the appropriate ways to respond to discrimination. Future plans: HeForShe hopes to host a fundraiser for UN Women that will help women in developing countries gain access to food, water, education, and jobs. The club also hopes to start having after school meetings in the near future.

To wrap it all up, HeForShe is a club committed to bringing awareness to sexism and the gender equality movement. If this sounds interesting to you, don’t forget to come during C Rotation!