Jones-ing for another interview?

Post date: Oct 3, 2015 12:49:13 AM

By Lindsey Bouldin

This year, Central hired many new teachers to join our Tiger family, so Julien Sheets and I (Lindsey Bouldin) took time to interview a new English teacher, Ms. Jones, during D lunch in the library.

Julien Sheets: So, this is your first year teaching here, right?

Ms. Jones: Yes, correct, actually I’m a very new teacher, so it’s my first year ever.

JS: Ever?! Okay, so what led up to you teaching?

MJ: I wanted to do something that would make me think about more than just myself, and I know that teaching requires a lot of yourself to give, so I decided to do that.

JS: Why English in particular?

MJ: I love English. It’s been my best subject for as long as I can remember, and I’m very passionate about it.

JS: So do you like writing and reading and everything about it.

MJ: I love just about everything about it. Just about. Literature and just reading things is my favorite though.

JS: Do you have any favorite books or- What’s your favorite thing to teach?

MJ: I love to teach just books, novels, short stories, poems. Literature is where it’s at.

JS: What were you doing before you came here, were you just in school?

MJ: Yes, I was in MTSU actually, and I recently graduated this summer.

JS: So you were right next door this entire time.

MJ: I was! Right next door, I always passed you by. Just wondered what you were all about and who knew.

JS: How do you like it so far, this school?

MJ: This school is wonderful, the kids are wonderful. They want to learn and it is like heaven.

JS: You say it’s your favorite part, everyone wanting to learn. What’s been hard so far, about Central or teaching in general.

MJ: In general, the hardest part has been being a first year teacher because you’re starting out from ground zero. You have to make up lesson plans from week to week because you don’t have anything else, really.

JS: Do you think you’re learning a lot from this process?

MJ: Yes, the best thing you can do in order to own your skills is to actually teach it.

JS: If you weren’t a teacher, do you have anything else you would consider yourself doing?

MJ: I told myself as long as I was gonna help people, anything was gonna be okay. I previously in my younger years wanted to be a cartoonist, or something like that. I always loved cartoons and anime, and when I was little that’s what I wanted to do.

JS: Do you draw then?

MJ: I do draw, I’m pretty decent.

JS: What are some of your major hobbies? You said you draw, do you have any other big hobbies that you do?

MJ: I try to exercise, that’s something I’m trying to make a hobby, but I like to watch things and relax. I like to read. It’s pretty much just reading, relaxing.

Lindsey Bouldin: What are your favorite animes?

JS: Oh yeah, I love anime!

MJ: Me too! It’s very fun. My favorite genre: Slice of Life.

JS: (Julien proceeds to keep talking about anime)

You may notice Ms. Jones in the hallway during class change with a cart because she doesn’t have a permanent classroom. If you see her, be sure to say hi to one of the newest addition to the Central Tiger family.

Interviewer Julien Sheets on left and Ms. Jones on right.