Live Sound Club...Sounds Great

Post date: Oct 31, 2015 3:01:44 AM

By Chelsey Zhu

Club Overview: Live Sound is all about learning how to deal with the equipment associated with live concerts. Students will learn about amps, speakers, microphones, etc. and how to correctly set them up on stage. The club is sponsored by Mr. Mears and Mr. Click meets on C Rotation in the band room.

Goal: During meetings, Live Sound will educate members on the basics of the electronic equipment. Eventually, students will be able to help Mr. Mears and Mr. Click manage the sound systems for various events around the school, such as talent shows and pep rallies. Students will also have the chance to become officially certified in operating the sound systems.

Future Plans: Although Live Sound is only having meetings during club rotation for now, the club is preparing to expand the lessons into after schools meetings.

Come to Live Sound if you’re interested!