Urinetown Review

Post date: Oct 31, 2015 2:39:18 AM

By Macey Howell

I have a confession: I don’t like musicals.

I’m not sure whether my dislike started with the release of High School Musical or silently simmered under the surface for years, but even the jaunty tunes of Footloose make me cringe. Something about the synchronized dancing, over dramatized singing, and abnormally simple characters kept my antipathy for musicals strong. That is, until I saw Urinetown.

Urinetown, a satire about social injustice, perfectly highlights the cliches in the typical musical while incorporating physical comedy mixed with witty humor. In short, Urinetown perfectly combined a social commentary with sophisticated bathroom jokes.

The characters themselves were unremarkable, which in itself made them remarkable. By making the characters be defined by a single trait, a new level of depth was added to the story that cleverly utilizes cliches in musicals and then points out their flaws with a snarky narrator and a young girl that speaks what the audience is thinking.

What really makes the characters and plot of the musical come to life are the cheery musical numbers interspersed with the scenes characterized by quick one-liners and acting that is cleverly exaggerated. What makes this production special is the talented singing and acting of the cast. The solos are just as amazing as the full choral songs, which elevates Urinetown from a comedy with a few musical numbers into a truly spectacular work of art by the Central Magnet Theater Department. The acting and singing did not overshadow each other, which is often the case in many musicals.

It’s safe to say that Urinetown has changed my opinion on musicals. Although I doubt I’ll start humming along to High School Musical anytime soon, I’m not embarrassed to say that a few of Urinetown’s tunes were sung as I walked out of the auditorium.