World News Wednesday Ocotber 21

Post date: Oct 22, 2015 1:33:45 AM

By Chandler Peterson

The cost of Syrian refugees in the United Kingdom has been released and we have arrived “Back to the Future”

The United Kingdom as announced that it will be taking in 20,000 Syrian refugees. However, this influx of migrants will not be free. A study by BBC showed that the average cost for each refugee will be 23,420 British pounds, or 10,720 British pounds if the migrant is employed, in a single year. To compare, the average income in the United Kingdom is 26,500 British pounds. It is apparent that the cost of refugees and explains the hesitant approach the British government took before final admitting the refugees. 20,000 refugees doesn’t even compare to the 800,000 refugees being admitted into Germany and the 1.5 million displaced of Syria, so far, that have fled to Europe, or in country that will take them in some cases. While opinions about admitting Syrian refugees differ, one thing remains certain, lots more money will be thrown at the issue.

On November 22, 1989 the sequel to the instant classic, “Back to the Future” was released. Back to the Future 2 ended up capturing the same magic as the first, grossing over 87 million dollars over it’s lifetime at the cinema. In the movie, the main protagonist, Marty McFly must go forward in time with the energetic Doc Brown in order to save his kids that have yet to be born. Marty travels far forward to October 21, 2015, 7:28pm to be exact, where hover boards are a common fad. Well, we have approached that “far” future and while our hover boards aren’t quite as amazing as the ones pictured in the movie, we can treat ourselves to showings of the movie across the country in celebration of “Back to the Future Day” and re-experience a future in which, “we don’t need roads”.

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