The Central Saga: Student Poetry


A Songbird Symphony

by Bebe Falkner

Their names ring in my ears,

Like the voice of a songbird,

I think of the verses forgotten,

And wonder if sound waves ever stop carrying their weight,

Will we capture these precious melodies,

The ones from the caged bird singing,

Or will they live in memory,

Where no one or thing can take them except for time.

These sweet songbirds left echoes of sound,

A history we are still trying to dissect,

Learning the shapes and lines of this forgotten language,

In hopes we will be able to listen again.

I wonder if it is wrong for me to capture their voice,

My fear is it will sit on my shelf like an untouched vinyl,

Making no difference to anyone,

But I refuse to stop listening to these songbirds,

No matter how many times they are called mocking,

I wonder who named the mockingbird,

And if they were too afraid to listen,

Because they couldn’t understand.

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